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Thompson’s Station, TN

Mayor Corey Napier

“Citizens and business owners within the town of Thompson’s Station find it necessary to be at the forefront of digital connectivity. Broadband availability and speed is critical to providing families with educational and entertainment resources along with attracting industry leading companies to our town. It is also important for our community to be able to accommodate the changing workplace that now includes telecommuter and remote home offices.”

“As a smaller town with a limited amount of resources we have found that collective common voices often achieve goals quicker and with a higher success rate. The collective voice and unified vision of Next Century Cities made for an easy decision to join. The town of Thompson’s Station is excited to be part of this motivated group of municipalities.”

Thompson’s Station (pop. 2,688) has recently released an RFI seeking interested parties to help the town plan for broadband deployment in both rural and high density areas. Knowing that the town is ripe for future growth, special planning measures have been taken to insure it is done in a manner that is both sustainable and pedestrian centric. Part of the growth outlook will contain a broadband initiative plan that provides options to both those that currently don’t have options and those who only have a single provider. Our town has encountered challenges throughout this process. Neighboring medium and large municipalities have their own utility companies that provide another option for consumers, something unavailable in our smaller sized town.