Next Century Cities

Next Century Cities works alongside communities of all sizes
and political stripes to support local officials who are working
to expand broadband access and increase adoption.

Supporting Local

Communities stepping into the 21st century through next-generation networks face a myriad of challenges. It is essential to provide crucial support to facilitate their innovative projects. Next Century Cities supports local leadership to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Elevating Community-Level

We work with leaders and their communities to share their stories. Whether testifying before Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, or in state capitals, we center local and community voices. 

Resources to Expand Access
and Adoption

Developing a next-generation network is a daunting task for any city. We are committed to developing trusted and effective resources for local leadership. We also aggregate resources from allies, government agencies, and our members.

Detroit, MI // With a population of over 670 million, Detroit is the largest city in Michigan and home to a dedicated team of broadband advocates. Through a one-of-a-kind public-private partnership, Detroit is connecting every resident to fast, affordable broadband.

Mapping Across America

Next Century Cities is highlighting local and state mapping initiatives across the United States. Click below to read our in depth report on mapping challenges, solutions, and stories from across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the territories.

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Connecting Local, State, Federal, and Tribal Leaders

Providing space for collaboration and learning

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