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Should Your City’s Health Care Systems Join a Consortium?

Following the FCC’s funding cuts for its Rural Health Care (RHC) program within the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), health care providers are relying more on consortia as a source of administrative and financial reprieve. We did some research and talked to Matt Chandler — the Director of Customer Relations at HealthConnect Networks — and David Corrado, who is the now-CEO of the Medina County Fiber Network who formerly worked as the Project Manager on the network buildout for the Northeast Ohio Regional Health Information Organization.

Guest Blog: Monmouth Independence Network Expanding with Public-Private Partnership

We at the Monmouth Independence Network (MINET) are utilizing public-private partnerships to expand our broadband network into Dallas, Ore., following our success in Monmouth and Independence. The cities of Monmouth and Independence — both in Oregon — began building out MINET over 12 years ago. As part of the buildout, the cities established a high-capacity, head-end facility that is capable of serving many more thousands of homes and businesses than exist in its legacy market.

Guest Blog: Community Broadband & Telehealth — A Symbiotic Partnership Made In Heaven

“What’s your marketing mission? What? You mean “take-rate,” right? No. Take-rate is another way of saying “sales goals.” The marketing mission has a different kind of value than sales targets.”

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