Next Century Cities supports mayors and community leaders across the country as they seek to ensure that everyone has fast, affordable and reliable internet access.

The #MobileOnly Challenge Goes to MozFest

Next Century Cities partnered with the Good Things Foundation to present a session on “mobile only” access at Mozilla’s MozFest. So many people only have access to the internet through their phones and that poses many dilemmas. Understanding that there are data caps, overage charges, limited bandwidth, dead spots, and more that can impact user experience helps to identify how difficult it is to be mobile only.

Common Threads: Resilience and Innovation in the Arctic

In my role as Executive Director of Next Century Cities, I have had the amazing opportunity to travel across the country, talking to difference makers, innovative leaders, and creative problem solvers. Local communities are used to, and good at, finding ways to provide residents with what is needed to ensure a good quality of life. And this includes broadband access.

Guest Blog: Longmont Seizes “Super” Opportunities to Build Top-Notch Internet Service

At the Boulder County Fair, a little girl proudly donned a green cape any superhero would be proud of, proclaiming a speed worthy of the Flash. “Fastest internet in the nation!” read the cape, along with the logo of the superspeed service – the community-owned NextLight™ network of Longmont, Colo., provided by Longmont Power & Communications (LPC). Over the last few years, all of Longmont has been feeling pretty super.

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Communities stepping into the 21st century through next-generation networks face myriad challenges. It is essential to provide crucial support to facilitate these innovative projects. Next Century Cities and our members work to overcome obstacles to success.

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We work with leaders and their communities to share their stories. We make the case that next-generation internet is essential infrastructure that can deliver transformative benefits to communities today.

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