Next Century Cities works alongside communities of all sizes and political stripes to maximize local leadership, foster strategic collaboration and provide policy counsel in the fight for fast, affordable and reliable broadband access for all. 

The Path to Recovery: COVID-19

An Investment in HBCUs is an Investment in America

By Alisa Valentin, Ph.D.  Howard University in Washington, DC Just two decades ago, many of us could not have imagined a world where Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) would garner such nationwide attention. Institutions like Howard University,...

A Democracy Without Broadband

By Yosef Getachew  In so many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that broadband is an essential service. We rely on digital connectivity to stay in touch with friends and family, work from home, log on to virtual classrooms, receive medical care through...

Closing the Digital Divide to #PlanYourVote

By Lukas Pietrzak, Policy Associate    Over the last 244 years, our country has worked to form a more perfect union through the greatest right afforded to American citizens: the right to vote. For most of modern history, everyday Americans have shared in the...

Connecting Residents in Arlington, Virginia

With Holly Hartell, Assistant CIO for Strategic Initiatives at Arlington County Department of Technology How do you communicate with residents in Arlington?  To ensure that the communications are clear and consistent, four goals have been defined as guideposts for the...

Next Century Cities Reiterates the Importance of an Accurate Depiction of Broadband Availability in the FCC’s 2021 Broadband Deployment Report

Every day, millions of people across the United States log on to attend school, complete their jobs, and consult with medical professionals. While the need for high-quality broadband predates and will persist after the pandemic, COVID-19 has increased internet traffic...

In the time of COVID-19, the need for universal connectivity is stronger than ever as businesses shutter, unemployment rates rise, schools convert to online learning and doctors turn to telehealth services. No one can afford to be disconnected as we shelter-in-place. 

Get Counted: Census 2020

Is your community innovating to #GetCounted? We want to hear your story.

Miami-Dade, Florida Provides Community Grants to Promote Census

Miami-Dade County is providing grants to local census partners. These grants were developed by the county to promote accurate counts in all of their communities. The program is especially focused on supporting historically undercounted communities. 

Kansas City Region Works Together to Encourage Census Involvement

The greater Kansas City metropolitan region is coming together to support complete count efforts across both Kansas and Missouri. While the municipal governments are undertaking major efforts to promote an accurate count, they are also bringing together non-profits, community organizations, and individuals to join the region-wide effort.

Lexington, KY Supports Citizens On WeCountLex.Org

Lexington, KY is hosting an interactive and resourceful website for its residents to support an accurate and full count of the Lexington-Fayette region. The website provides resources for individuals and community organizations and builds upon their relationship with the University of Kentucky.

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