You can find a pdf of the press release here.

Contact: Lukas Pietrzak

Washington, D.C. (April 6, 2021) – Today, Next Century Cities (“NCC”) filed comments before the Federal Communications Commission (“Commission”) on how the Emergency Connectivity Fund, created by the American Rescue Plan Act, should be used. NCC’s comments highlight why program rules must be flexible enough to enable local institutions to address unique broadband connectivity challenges. 

Ryan Johnston, Policy Counsel, Federal Programs, emphasized the following:  

“The Emergency Connectivity Fund creates new opportunities for schools and libraries to connect residents who struggle with finding reliable public access points. These community leaders have done yeoman’s work in keeping students and patrons connected throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Rules on how they can use funding should be aimed at providing vulnerable populations with critical connectivity options through community anchors. 

“The Commission must ensure that schools and libraries are able to put this Emergency Connectivity Funding to a broad set of uses. Doing so comports with Congressional intent while advancing the Commission’s mandate to close the digital divide and shrink the homework gap.”  

Review the comments here


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