Yellow Springs, OH

Mayor Pam Conine

What Yellow Springs is working on

Yellow Springs is in the nascent stages of developing its municipal broadband strategy.  Leveraging ownership of its electrical distribution system coupled with an existing data center in town, the Village is poised to build out its fiber network when appropriate financial and technical solutions are identified.

Recently, the Village established a “dig once” practice for its construction projects, and a partnership with a regional council of governments to provide high speed Internet to local businesses is being explored.  Our Community Access Panel, in collaboration with local experts, is planning a seminar for early 2015 to educate citizens and public officials, establish community goals and objectives, and generate recommendations.

A wireless mesh initiative is actively being discussed among various stakeholders – schools, businesses, government – that would involve a collaborative effort to bring free WIFI to downtown Yellow Springs, providing equitable access to the Internet, promoting economic development and enhancing quality of life.  This project could create a platform for building a more extensive municipal fiber backbone to generate revenues for the Village by providing Internet as a utility and reduce expenses via operational efficiencies.  Connecting to regional networks will further strengthen our position.

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