West Hollywood, CA

Mayor Lauren Meister


On West Hollywood

“Fast and reliable internet should be available to everyone — not just a lucky few. Broadband gives people access, and that’s essential for civic participation. In West Hollywood, our community is technologically savvy. At City Hall, we see how much broadband matters when it comes to bringing our community members together. We’ve been working to develop fiber infrastructure and we’re always launching new web-based tools to help connect residents and businesses with information and services. Broadband is vital in being able to take part.”

On Next Century Cities

“I’d like to see cities across the country work together to reduce the digital divide. This is something we should all be envisioning and working to build — West Hollywood wholeheartedly supports Next Century Cities in its vision to do this.”

What West Hollywood is working on

At the City of West Hollywood, we’re developing a fiber Infrastructure strategic plan. This plan will give us a snapshot of where we stand right now and where we can go. We’ve recently kicked off a fiber optic cable project along one of our major corridors — Santa Monica Boulevard. I’m particularly excited about this, because it means we’ll have the capacity to launch new projects such as Wi-Fi and smart sensors — and, it will help support new public safety technologies.