Starkville, MS

Mayor Parker Wiseman


On Starkville

“Broadband is 21st Century Infrastructure. Just as water, sewer, and electric connectivity were catalysts for 20th Century economic growth and development, ultra-high speed internet connectivity will catalyze 21st Century growth and development [in Starkville].”

On Next Century Cities

“Cities have always been laboratories of innovation. Currently there are many models emerging for getting residents a direct fiber optic internet connection. As cities we have much to learn from each other to meet our ultimate objective of ensuring that every resident has an affordable opportunity to have a fiber optic connection at home.”

What Starkville is working on

The City of Starkville currently has two private gigabit internet providers. In 2013, Starkville was one of nine Mississippi cities chosen by CSpire for a pilot fiber to the home program. In 2014, CSpire made its first residential connection. To date CSpire has laid fiber optic infrastructure in 30% of the city. MaxxSouth acquired the city’s incumbent cable provider in 2014 and in 2015 announced that it would launch a citywide gigabit fiber initiative. MaxxSouth has laid fiber optic infrastructure in approximately 40% of the city and has committed to a comprehensive buildout within the next five years.