Santa Monica, CA

Mayor Sue Himmelrich

What Santa Monica is working on

Santa Monica CityNet is our broadband initiative committed to continuous innovation, transforming our local business community, creating a vibrant start-up and tech economy, and bridging the digital divide by offering Fiber to the Home and Digital Inclusion.  By offering fiber optic internet service to local businesses at ultra-fast 1Gbps, 10Gbps, and 100Gbps speeds, our city has retained and attracted a robust tech community built on globally competitive broadband.  This benefits healthcare and entertainment sectors, and has attracted tech startups, incubators, venture capital firms, and industry leaders to put down stakes in Santa Monica.

Our highly competitive 1Gbps and 10Gbps residential services are closing the digital divide and support programs for child development, virtual learning, telemedicine, and citizen engagement.  It is the driver for our local Youth Technology training and workforce development programs.

Santa Monica CityNet also offers broad public benefit. Our fiber optic network supports synchronization of our traffic signals, real-time parking signs and apps, traffic management and security programs, convenient pay-on foot parking stations, and free public Wi-Fi in 35 hot zones and along most commercial and transportation corridors located throughout the 8.3 square miles that make up Santa Monica.

Ultimately, CityNet has infused our local economy and community with entrepreneurial energy, optimism, and jobs. It’s the catalyst that has landed us the name of ‘Silicon Beach.’ It continues to stimulate the local economy, and enhance public safety, education, health, and wellbeing for our community. CityNet has received significant accolades, including the Information Week Government Innovators award and being named one of the Top 25 Innovations in Government by the Harvard Kennedy School.