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Santa Cruz County, CA

Supervisor Zach Friend

“Technology has the potential to help inform and engage residents, tear down socioeconomic barriers and open up opportunities for future success; broadband is the backbone of that future, without which many of these opportunities will never come to be.”

“So many of our policies and regulations regarding broadband are written and adopted at the national level with little regard for the local agencies that will ultimately have to implement them. In order to affect this process, it is vital for these agencies to speak with one voice and to collaborate on developing strategies to insure that their local needs continue to be met in the 21st century economy. Next Century Cities is just such a platform.”

“Santa Cruz County developed a series of overlapping policies designed to foster an ecosystem of broadband providers, including Dig Once, establishment of a master lease agreement for use of county assets by broadband providers, standardized design features for broadband infrastructure installations, a reduction in permitting fees, and a streamlined permitting process for broadband projects. Santa Cruz County also established a Fiber Initiative Team which includes representatives from local jurisdictions and businesses, and is tasked with developing a county-wide broadband deployment strategy while advising participating local governments on opportunities for further revision of their planning and development policies.”