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Sandy, OR

Mayor Stan Pulliam

“Our residents recognize the need for a gigabit connection and a state-of-the-art fiber optic network was the best way to deliver that connectivity.”

“Our City Council has been very supportive of the concept of allowing communities to decide for themselves the best method for providing Internet connectivity. By joining Next Century Cities, we feel that we’ll be able to show the success we have had here in Sandy.”

The City of Sandy is deploying a complete fiber optic network to serve residents and businesses. With the way that the Internet is utilized now and in the future, we needed a technological jump to ensure our citizens are able to access content at speeds that could only be provided through a fiber optic connection. The project will pass all homes and businesses in the community and provide access to gigabit speeds over the new network. This will be up to 200 times faster than our current average Internet connection.