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San Jose, CA

Mayor Sam Liccardo

“Even in Silicon Valley, we have a very significant digital divide, but we also have an opportunity to open empower an entire generation with digital technology. Our focus is on improving access to the internet, providing the necessary hardware, and helping our residents develop digital skills. In this way, we enable children to complete their homework, watch training videos or connect with tutors. This is a huge part of educational obtainment and economic opportunity – and the goal of our Smart City Vision.”

“Cities worldwide are working on broadening internet access. Next Century Cities helps us learn from one another, as we understand the difficulties involved with implementation in new technologies and taking risks.”

San José is working on a number of projects to broaden access to free or low-cost high speed internet service in low-income communities. This includes many partnerships and ongoing discussions with several companies, including the recently announced demonstration project with Facebook, where San José will provide free, gigabit wireless internet to its downtown through the company’s new “terragraph” technology.

We have also unveiled a Smart City vision that promotes our strategy to make a more inclusive city by broadening access and creating a more robust infrastructure for our residents.

Mayor Ben Kessler


Total Population: 13,445
Population Density: 3,383.60 (people/sq.mi.)
Land Mass: 2.452 (sq.mi.)…..