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Salisbury, NC

Mayor Karen Alexander


The City identified numerous areas within the city where there were no reliable communication services other than phone. Many of these “dead zones” existed within the downtown area, a potential hotbed for new business locations and economic impact. There were business sites within a block or two of the center of the city where no high-speed internet was available. This weakness in viable communications proved detrimental to acquiring new businesses. Repeated requests to incumbent providers for network upgrades and installation of a fiber-to-the-home system were consistently denied. Incumbent providers also felt it unnecessary to provide services to low-income areas that would not guarantee the yield of large profits.

To address this situation, the Salisbury City Council initiated a study to review the possibility and profitability of implementing a broadband network. The in-depth study process, which spanned more than five years of diligent evaluation, produced a positive outcome. The City of Salisbury committed to join other cities across the nation in becoming a municipal broadband provider. The City began construction of a city-wide fiber optic network in 2008 and began offering services in November 2010. With local public control, jobs and revenues would stay in the community to provide an investment in Salisbury for the future.

The fiber optic network currently offers next-generation communication services for residents and businesses of Salisbury.  We are the second city in North Carolina to offer gigabit service and offer the fastest base internet speed in the State at 50Mbps x 50Mbps, most importantly with 24 months of consistent 99.999% reliability, better than any area incumbent provider. Fibrant brings the best in high-definition TV, digital phone, and internet services straight to residents and local businesses. Fibrant’s customer service is local.  Local employees are dedicated to providing customers with the highest level of service and reliability. Unlike large corporate providers, Fibrant is part of the city’s municipal infrastructure. The City now has the ability to leverage its gigabit network to attract new businesses, create jobs, improve education, and allow our residents to connect with the world.