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Richmond, KY

Mayor Robert R. Blythe

Existing broadband is struggling to support the growing residential & business demands of our current copper-based internet.  Internet traffic doubles each year and there is speculation that it will continue at that rate for the remainder of this decade.   With an estimated one third of the worlds’ population online, it is a good indication that bandwidth demand will grow faster than providers can deliver it.
President Obama said, “Today, high speed broadband is not a luxury, it’s a necessity” and the UN has declared that access to internet is a human right.  Despite this, the US lags behind in access to broadband internet, falling to 9th in the world.  For our communities to stay competitive in medicine, manufacturing, and businesses, our internet speeds must meet the demands of world-wide technology.  We are proud that, throughout the state of KY, it will soon be possible for local governments to provide our residents and businesses with the service they need to remain competitive in this fast-paced age of technology.  

Richmond KY is excited to be joining Next Century Cities.  The energy from collaboration results in connections to other cities, momentum moving forward, and greater opportunities through sharing information.

Richmond KY has an opportunity via the state government initiated Kentucky Wired project, to connect to a state-wide back bone of broadband internet. We are in the very beginning stages of this project, and have just begun to assimilate information. We are hoping to join other cities throughout Kentucky to offer broadband to its residents to spur economic growth and heighten quality of life throughout our entire Commonwealth.