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Richmond, CA

Mayor Tom Butt

“The City of Richmond is committed to ensuring all residents have access to reliable and high-speed Internet connectivity, which they can use to apply for jobs, access news and information, apply for government programs and services, and stay connected with family and friends. Stronger broadband services also helps strengthen the city’s local economy by accommodating Richmond’s economic development needs. In addition to enhancing broadband connectivity, Richmond is launching an open data portal to make local data more transparent and accessible for the general public. Increased accessibility and transparency will enhance civic engagement, promote stronger ties between the public and government, and make municipal services more efficient and effective.”

“Next Century Cities affords Richmond an amazing opportunity to share our successes and engage with thought-leaders about strategies and opportunities for accomplishing our Internet connectivity goals. I have confidence that the tools and supports that Next Century Cities provides municipalities like Richmond will help communities across our nation prosper and compete. I am very excited that this network is available to cities, and I look forward to the great outcomes that will be accomplished in Richmond through our participation in Next Century Cities.”