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Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Mayor L. Dennis Michael

“Investments in innovation, technology and infrastructure add to the value of what makes Rancho Cucamonga the place where businesses want to be, where professionals want to work, and where families want to raise their children. Our new Fiber Optic Network will provide our businesses with the high-speed internet they need to thrive. We are inspired by the dreamers, those who look to the future in an effort to make the City an even more dynamic hub.”

“Next Century Cities is providing agencies with a forum to collaborate and share best practices to overcome challenges and meet opportunities of gigabit level internet. With a shared interest of improving our business and residential community, Rancho Cucamonga is committed to investing in infrastructure to support business growth and civic engagement in this new digital era.”

The City of Rancho Cucamonga was better known as “The City with a Plan” in the 1980s when major commercial and residential developments began to slowly shape the City. This “planning” motto continues today as the City looks ahead towards smart city initiatives and broadband connectivity in the 21st century with the approval of its Fiber Optic Master Plan. The Master Plan is a six-year, $13 million investment plan in which the conduit gaps between the existing City, traffic and utility conduits will be connected, interconnect to a new data center and expansion of the network backbone to include high-count 288 fiber strand cables and network access points via underground vaults including commercial, industrial and residential areas, as well as strategic areas throughout the city.

The City has partnered with Rancho Cucamonga based Inyo Networks, Inc to be its private retail partner to implement its vision. Inyo Networks will be the retail internet service provider of gigabit broadband, television and phone services via the City’s fiber network. This vision includes high-speed connectivity and services that will support the way Rancho Cucamonga citizens work, play, and live in the 21st century. The City looks forward to joining Next Century Cities as a member and contributing our experiences to other cities. More information is available at www.ranchofiber.com.