Provo, UT

Mayor John R. Curtis


On Provo

“The availability of ultra high speed Internet access to citizens and businesses in Provo is a game-changer and will differentiate Provo from other cities who have not had the foresight to create the opportunity in their communities.”

On Next Century Cities

“Provo is affiliating with Next Century Cities because communities with high speed Internet access need to be significant players in the discussion about broadband access in the United States.  Together the New Century Cities can influence national and state policies increasing access to broadband services to help the United States compete better in the global marketplace.”

What Provo is working on

Provo has been a national leader in promoting fiber to the home networks.  From the inception of the iProvo municipal fiber network in 2003 until its sale ten years later to Google Fiber, Provo has been an advocate for and investor in fiber networks.  Working now with Google Fiber, we see wonderful opportunities ahead for further increasing speed, enhancing access and bridging the digital divide in our community in ways that other communities can learn from.

Our Provo Accelerated effort in 2014-2015 has helped the Provo community envision the future and find ways to enhance our quality of life through access to broadband.  With a free basic Internet access option for every home and the opportunity to bring gig service to every home and small business in Provo, we have amazing opportunities ahead of us.