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Prestonsburg, KY

Mayor Les Stapleton

“Prestonsburg is a very unique City. We are the center of the convergence of 5 roadways, hence our Star City designation, the 5 points of star. Located in Eastern Kentucky, we are in the middle of an economic decline due to the Coal Business downfall. Prestonsburg is, and always has been a very safe and comfortable place to live, with a lower cost of living than most areas, and the hospitality of our town is second to none. Our natural terrain and the beauty that is East Kentucky surround us and is even incorporated in the City. With many “home grown” restaurants, local shops, and our developing adventure tourism, Prestonsburg is the place to come, to relax and enjoy.”


“In our efforts to become a gigabyte City, information is thrown at you from so many different avenues. We needed an opportunity to gather information and become acquainted with the process without pressure. We also wanted to be able to ask questions from someone who does not and will not have a potential financial interest in the process, so that we can receive unbiased answers and advice. Next Century Cities has provided that and more. With the availability of information to contact other administrators and Cities who have completed the process and are willing to help guide us along, I would recommend Next Century Cities to any entity interested in gigabyte service.


Prestonsburg is exploding…… We are moving in so many directions at one time it is really hard to keep up. Becoming a gigabyte City is obviously a priority of ours. We are currently working to obtain a certified Trail Town designation. We are in the process of developing more than 40 miles of trails for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. We also have a natural river trail on the Levisa Fork which runs through the middle of our small town. With outdoor adventure tourism on the rise and our trail developments, we believe that we are becoming a place for people to live and play! We have all of the amenities that you expect from a small town but with the addition of becoming a gigabyte City, we have the opportunity to add that “metropolis” technology. By gaining this technology, we will have the tools and resources necessary to open the doors of opportunity for economic development and job creation. We want to set the standard for the areas surrounding us and small towns alike, and become an example of progression, in spite of the current economic decline coal communities are experiencing.