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Portland, OR

Mayor Ted Wheeler

Portland’s current engagement in broadband Internet dates to 2010, when the City Council passed a resolution recognizing “high-speed, accessible and affordable broadband is now mission-critical infrastructure for job creation, education, health care, the enhancement of safe and connected communities, civic engagement, government transparency and responsiveness, reduced carbon emissions, and emergency preparedness.”

In 2011, the City of Portland launched a broadband initiative to improve access to next generation broadband Internet. Working groups consisting of a broad range of stakeholders produced a strategic plan designed to help the city invest in broadband infrastructure, eliminate broadband affordability and capacity gaps, and promote broadband adoption and literacy among citizens, businesses, and policymakers.

This plan was unanimously adopted by the City Council in 2011. Guided by the Broadband Strategic Plan, the Office for Community Technology published a report in February 2014 analyzing the benefits of a gigabit network to the city, and officials have planned a summit to craft a strategy for addressing existing gaps and shortfalls in comprehensive access to high quality Internet.