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Ponca City, OK

Mayor Homer Nicholson

“Today our residents live in a technology heavy environment. Whether it be for school, business, health care, or at home, they all require access to massive amounts of information. Without the larger broadband capacity networks, the internet as a medium sharing mechanism cannot be fully recognized. Whether that sharing is a business transaction, medical records and x-rays, text book for homework, or someone wanting to play a game or watch a movie on the internet, the demand on the average network is taxing or non-existent. With access to the larger, high speed Internet pipe, all residents enjoy what they require to satisfy their daily life.”

“As more and more cities look at the pros and cons of becoming an Internet provider it helps to have an organization for them to look to for getting answers on how to get high speed, anywhere, anytime Internet. Next Century Cities brings the largest of these providers together to encourage that more cities can join the ranks of communities providing technology to their residents.”

“Ponca City has installed over 360 miles of fiber that is used by businesses, schools, medical professionals, government, and provides the back haul as well for its 17,500 daily wireless Internet users, for free. Anytime, anywhere. Currently Ponca City is designing the next phase of technology for its residents. Ponca City has won many awards over the last few years on its various networks.”