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Opelika, AL

Mayor Gary Fuller

“Our decision to become a ‘smart’ city is one that will put Opelika on the map as never before. Our broadband technology is the most advanced in the world and easily makes Opelika the smartest city in the state of Alabama and one of the smartest in the world. Opelika Power Services, owned by the citizens for over 100 years, has a proven past and now we are future focused with our ultra-high-speed internet, video and telephone services.”

We want to be a part of Next Century Cities so we can learn from those who came before us and to share our knowledge and experience with those who will come after us. There is strength in numbers and I believe that many of us taking this giant step will benefit from collaboration.”

The City of Opelika has owned and operated its electric utility since 1911. Today, Opelika is the first municipal in the state of Alabama to deploy a true fiber to the premise network, and will be available to every home and every business in Opelika.

The construction of the fiber network began in 2011 and was completed in 2013.  Over 425 miles of fiber now blanket Opelika. Through Opelika Power Services (OPS), the city not only provides the electric utility, it also provides triple-play services to residents and businesses. Internet speeds up to a GIG, upload and download, Phone services are crystal clear, and HD TV services provide clarity and color, pictures that are breath taking. OPS also has a dedicated channel for local content, providing our customers with local events and happenings around Opelika.

At OPS, “It’s not Business as Usual” – we have a local office with local numbers, and provide local 24/7 customer care and support. Our employees live, work and play right here in Opelika. Our service is second to none!

The City of Opelika cherishes its rich tradition but clearly has a vision for the future. With the fiber network, probabilities have turned into possibilities. Our infrastructure will spur economic development, creating new opportunities and new jobs, while allowing existing businesses to become more efficient and more competitive.