Murray City, UT

Mayor David Ted Eyre


On Murray City

“Our goal is for all Murray City businesses and residents to have faster speeds and broadband access. Murray City is a very independent city–providing all our own public and safety services to our residents. This is just one additional infrastructure that will help our residents stay on the cutting edge of technology.”

On Next Century Cities

“We are excited to be part of Next Century Cities. We look forward to being able to share thoughts and ideas and learn from others. As cities join together, there will be a greater opportunity to continue making an impact in the industry.”

What Murray City is working on

Murray is one of the cities that comprise a company called the Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA). UTOPIA was originally started in 2002 and operates an open-access model that owns and manages the infrastructure and leases the lines to private Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who then delivers the services to its subscribers.

UTOPIA is a fiber-optic infrastructure that utilizes light to transfer information, making it one of the fastest communication technologies on the planet.

Through the years, there have been many changes to the business model which started as a retail service provider of fiber. Although Utah legislation changed the model, the company is still operating at a wholesale level which provides the fiber and competition for other telecommunication services.