Medina County, OH

Commissioner Dennis Hanwell


What Medina County is working on

The Medina County Fiber Network is one of first open fiber network in the country. The County provides transport for customer locations but all other services are provided by strategic business partners. Services such as Internet, voice, video, offsite file storage and hosting, network management and data center, just to name a few, are provided through partners.

The open network approach allows a customer to choose a single service provider or multiple providers. If a provider’s service does not meet a customer’s expectations, it’s as simple as choosing a different service provider without having to build a new entrance into your building. The Medina County Fiber Network is a technology aggregator, working with all the providers on the customer’s behalf. These partnerships provide connectivity for customer locations outside of Medina County that require enterprise connectivity.

The capabilities of fiber opens new avenues for businesses because the fiber medium can support additional technologies that traditional copper products cannot support. Any profit from the network is reinvested in Medina County as part of the Medina County Economic Development strategy. Bringing more businesses into Medina increases the tax base which funds additional services for the County.