Madison, WI

Mayor Paul Soglin


On Madison

“Madison, Wisconsin is a City where the exchange of ideas and knowledge is celebrated and critical to our economic success. We are home to one of the largest research universities in the nation and many employers dependent upon connectivity. All of Madison’s residents must be able to fully access the internet in order to be fully integrated into our wired community.”

On Next Century Cities

“President Obama’s recent support for greater flexibility in the provision of next-generation broadband service opens new opportunities for Madison to insure that all of its residents have connectivity to the internet. By partnering with Next Century Cities and its member cities, we can learn about what is working and not working elsewhere, and apply this knowledge to our community.”

What Madison is working on

The City has implemented a large high speed fiber optic network that is currently serving anchor institutions including the City, County, Madison Public Schools, Madison College, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Hospitals, Community Centers, Libraries, other municipalities and a number of commercial businesses. Our plan is to leverage this infrastructure to provide broadband service to residents as well.  Madison is currently moving ahead on a pilot project to provide internet service to low income neighborhoods.  In addition, we are initiating a study to determine the feasibility of creating an internet co-op utility to provide internet services to city residents.