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Los Angeles, CA

Mayor Eric Garcetti

“Having Los Angeles as a Gigabit Community will enhance  our position in the global economy by encouraging high-tech companies to move to or stay in  this great city.” Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles

“Bridging the digital divide requires access by all to affordable broadband. In particular, we need to ensure that our students are poised for success with digital advances in education.” Councilman Bob Blumenfield of Los Angeles.

“Los Angeles is a large and diverse community that can both contribute to and learn from other members of the Next Century Cities since many have already traveled the hurdles we are facing.” Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles.

“Los Angeles needs to be part of Next Century Cities to encourage other communities around the United States that broadband success is a local issue and we need to work with each other to determine how we can deliver services to our citizens.” Councilman Bob Blumenfield of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles has initiated the LA Community Broadband Network (LACBN) with a goal of getting fiber to every facility in Los Angeles along with a ubiquitous WiFi network to enable visitors and students to get access to broadband anytime and any place.  A portion of this network must be free to serve our low income and 30% of our Angelenos that today are without a PC or broadband access.  In April 2014, LA released a request for information to industry to get ideas on a model that would work to maximize the number of responses to a Request for Proposal which will be released after March 31, 2015.

www.lacbn.org, @LACBN