Leverett, MA

Selectman Peter d’Errico


On Leverett

“Leverett is reaping the multiple benefits of having built its own last-mile gigabit fiber-optic network connecting all residents and local offices. Among these benefits are enhanced real estate values, both sales and rentals; support for home businesses and work-from-home professionals; access to educational materials for school children and others; local community communications; and streaming media.  The full story of the LeverettNet project as well as current rates and other information is available at https://lmlp.leverettnet.net . “

On Next Century Cities

“Leverett is pleased to be a continuing member of Next Century Cities. We provide information derived from our experience with building a last mile network to other communities embarking on this path. We share concerns with other towns and cities about forward-looking legal, political, and other concerns.”

What Leverett is working on

Leverett is alert to opportunities to use our broadband infrastructure to deploy services of value to our residents, including telemedicine, neighbor-to-neighbor assistance programs, and other programs. Leverett is partnering with a neighbor town (Shutesbury, MA) to add ring protection to provide backhaul connection diversity for each town. This will be accomplished by a mutual exchange of irrevocable rights of use by each town for a fiber connection through the other town. Shutesbury recently lit their own last mile fiber-optic network.