Larimer County, CO

Commissioner Lew Gaiter III


On Larimer County

“Broadband connectivity is similar to a highway; you can live without it, but it’s hard to get from point A to B. Establishing a solid broadband system is one of the more forward-thinking priorities we have. Proactive planning for our future needs is better than reactive response, and the more cost-effective our solutions will be. It is important to look ahead to see what kind of infrastructure we need to have in place for a vibrant future.”

On Next Century Cities

“Using the road analogy, many in Northern Colorado travel throughout the region often and are generally satisfied with the condition of the roads. These same travelers would be surprised to learn they are using county roads in some portion of their travel between cities and towns. The county roads help to form a network of reliable transportation with city roads, state roads and federal highways within the region. The same can be said of broadband. It is impractical for cities to be an island of connectivity, especially when we are so mobile… areas and towns outside cities are included in the mix. Businesses in remote areas need fast, reliable connectivity to complete transactions and communicate as much as those in municipalities do.”

What Larimer County is working on

On November 8, 2016, voters passed Ballot Issue 1B, restoring Larimer County’s right to explore and foster available options for broadband services in all communities. This incredible opportunity opens countless avenues to positively affect progress in our economy, health, safety, education, and well-being; all part of Larimer County’s strategic plan and vision for its citizens.

Broadband services are no longer optional. Broadband is a critical part of every community’s infrastructure that impacts the economy, safety, well-being, education and overall connectedness of area residents, businesses and institutions.

Larimer County staff visits with many areas outside of our cities and towns and continues to hear overwhelming concerns about poor connectivity from community members, with no substantial nor foreseeable plan from existing providers for improvements. Change is imperative to meet the connection needs of students, businesses, employees, health care providers and patients, emergency responders, vulnerable populations, and all residents. It is Larimer County’s goal to explore and foster available options for broadband services in all communities; because Everywhere is Somewhere.


Broadband Study Phase 1: Needs Assessment prepared by ctc technology & energy

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