Jackson, TN

Mayor Jerry Gist


On Jackson

“Economic development is becoming less about winning prospects from other potential communities and more about having the infrastructure to compete on a regional, national, and global economy. Fiber connectivity is a major part of that infrastructure—like we have with Jackson Energy Authority. The fiber-to-the-home network—equips our businesses and residents in the ever-expanding world of e-commerce and e-learning. Gigabit broadband will have a significant economic impact in our community through the retention of existing businesses, attracting new industry, and empowering our youth to have the best access to educational content from around the world, all right here in Jackson, Tennessee.”

On Next Century Cities

“In the 21st development and education or stand the chance of failing their citizenry. Connectivity between communities and across the world is our best insurance for an improved standard of living and a well-educated, competitive workforce. Collaborating with Next Century Cities connects us to resources to ensure that all have access to fast, affordable, and reliable Internet.”

What Jackson is working on

Jackson, Tennessee, is pleased to join Next Century Cities. The proximity to I-40, major highways, and railways conveniently connects Jackson, Tennessee, to regional, national and global markets. The city of Jackson infrastructure also offers fiber lines that connect to the world via broadband. Our local utility provider, Jackson Energy Authority, built a fiber-to-home network ten years ago delivering broadband speeds to our city. This reliable high-speed data connection is important when it comes to attracting business and industry to our community.

Jackson Energy Authority is one of few public utilities in the United States offering customers all major utility services from one company. Residential, business and industry consumers in Jackson, Tennessee and parts of Madison County are served.

Jackson Energy Authority launched EPlus Broadband in 2004 and set out to build a unique community-owned fiber to the home broadband network to deliver an extraordinary level of service and value to customers. By understanding the goals of our community as it relates to economic growth, education, and quality of life, we have adapted and expanded the service. The next generation of broadband will ensure Jackson Energy Authority and the city of Jackson embraces and provides for the needs of our community.