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Gresham, OR

Mayor Karylinn Echols

“Andrew Carnegie believed that the single best path out of poverty is access to knowledge, so he built libraries.  Imagine how much opportunity and potential can now be available to those in need, when they are able to access more information with a few keystrokes than a researcher spending a week in a Carnegie Library. That widespread, high-speed access is the reason that we’re working to bring broadband internet to Gresham and why we believe it is important for communities across the country.”

“The City of Gresham is joining Next Century Cities so that we can collaborate with other Cities that have already implemented broadband internet or who share our goal to do so. By working together, we can share best practices and ensure that we’re being as effective as possible with our efforts.”

The 2015 Council Work plan includes a Fiber project in which the City will advocate for and support efforts to build high speed fiber infrastructure in the City. We will analyze alternatives, including a municipal fiber network, should market-based approaches be insufficient.