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Garden Grove, CA

Mayor Steven Jones

20 years ago, Garden Grove installed a fiber network beneath its streets as part of our Traffic Management program with the expectation of other potential uses including a Metropolitan Area Network, connecting various City facilities, offering the option of high speed Internet at new construction sites, and providing wireless connectivity at our parks and other public spaces.

Today, we are encouraging companies big and small to invest in high speed Internet infrastructure for both our businesses and residents by making them aware of the Garden Grove Unified School District’s and the city’s existing fiber installations and by streamlining the planning & building process for internet infrastructure upgrades.

The City is also considering the acquisition of street lights outfitted with Wi-Fi transmitters to deepen Garden Grove’s connectivity. With over 7300 lights in the city and a backbone of fiber lines, we will have a robust platform for a fully connected city that can meet the digital demands of all stakeholders.

Garden Grove wants to empower and retain its educated youth and attract new industry by connecting everyone with affordable, reliable, unfettered, high-speed internet access and we believe we can do this best with the help of our friends at NCC.