Fairhope, AL

Mayor Sherry Sullivan


On Fairhope

“The City of Fairhope is one of the first cities in the State of Alabama to own all its utilities. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality municipal services, so broadband connectivity is a natural addition to our city-provided services. The investment in fiber will give our citizens fast and reliable service, while investing in our city’s economic development. We are optimistic that this broadband service will contribute to maintaining and promoting Fairhope’s entrepreneurial spirit. ”

On Next Century Cities

“Fairhope is the fastest growing city in the State of Alabama, and I believe that joining Next Century Cities is the first step for our city to be on the cutting edge of technology.”

What Fairhope is Working On

The City is in a discovery period that will measure public demand for this utility service against the cost to provide it. That way, we can be transparent in this community decision. Next Century Cities can support that effort. There is a strong need for residents in our community to be able to work remotely through e-commerce or from home, and a fast reliable service is imperative.