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Emmett, ID

Mayor Gordon Petrie

As we embark on the next generation of connectivity, the City of Emmett embraces the value and necessity of fielding a high speed and reliable broadband infrastructure. It will be a significant benefit to our community by enhancing our ability to educate, communicate, and promote economic development.”

“We consider Next Century Cities to be a valuable mentor for us as we begin our journey.  Strongly agreeing with the organization’s six principles, Emmett finds particularly attractive Next Century Cities’ laissez-faire approach to communities developing access to the next-generation broadband on an individual basis.  For us, such an approach harkens back to fundamental principles that made this country great.  We are excited about this partnership and look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration.”

As the 5th city in the State of Idaho to join the Idaho Technology Council, we are committed to nurturing a positive technological impact for our residents, particularly within the context of the broadband tool. We believe this will help us not only locally, but across our great state, as we model how small communities can economically develop and deploy broadband infrastructure. Emmett’s recent efforts include self-deployment of a fiber optic network to various city facilities and equipping public spaces with Wi-Fi connectivity. Our system, by design, will also have the capacity to grow into what we envision as being a municipal fiber optic network.  Our network will enhance productivity, education, and small business development by meeting the demands of the digital world at an affordable cost.  Our partnership with Next Century Cities is crucial to the accomplishment of our vision.