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Culver City, CA

Mayor Goran Eriksson

On November 9, 2015, the City Council took several actions related to the design, development, and operation of the City’s municipal fiber network. Specifically, the Council authorized the City to build and expand on an existing fiber network by installing infrastructure to encourage the growth of broadband services and facilitate economic and technological development in Culver City. The network is officially being marketed and branded as “Culver Connect.”

Culver Connect will provide high speed, high quality broadband service to the City’s business community, school district, and will also be used for municipal purposes. The network is open access, which will make fiber-optic infrastructure available to service providers who might not otherwise have a footprint in the area. The network consists of 21 route miles of underground fiber infrastructure. Construction of Culver Connect began in August 2016 and the network is  expected to be operational in Summer 2018.