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Condon, OR

Mayor Jim Hassing

“Next Century Cities principles that high speed internet is necessary infrastructure, the internet is nonpartisan, communities must enjoy self-determination, high speed internet is a community wide endeavor, meaningful competition drives progress and collaboration benefits all seem to fit in perfectly with our strategic plan. This group will allow us resources to connect with other cities to reach our broadband goals.”

Condon realized that we had lagged far behind technology in the way of high speed broadband and started the process in October 2015 to come to a solution.  It started as with asking questions of local providers, attending regional workshops on broadband sponsored by USDA, meeting with regional providers to determine if they could assist with the process and did a survey of local needs of internet service.  It was determined that what was important to Condon and its residents was fast, affordable, reliable and an open access that would allow competition. Condon City Council approved their Broadband Adoption & Utilization Strategic Plan April 2016 and a Broadband Partnership Request for Proposals in August 2016.  The Condon Fiber Committee is in the process or evaluating the four responses and hopes to award a Letter of Intent by mid-November 2016.  The strategic plan and RFP can be found on the city’s website — cityofcondon.com.