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College Station, TX

Mayor Karl Mooney

In 2013, the Research Valley Technology Council issued an RFI to achieve these primary goals: Attract a fiber-optic broadband network to stimulate growth and competitiveness; to bring residential connectivity to 1 Gbps and business connectivity to 10-100 Gbps; to introduce a competitive market for services and providers; to allow for future expansion and upgrade; and to bring wireless network canopies to parks and public spaces.

Culmination of the process was Suddenlink committing to Bryan-College Station being the first market for its “Operation GigaSpeed” rollout, meaning 1 Gbps service deployed by summer 2015 — approximately 10 times faster than the fastest service it now offers.

“Plain and simple,” Research Valley Technology Council Chairman James Benham said, “if your success relies on ultra-high-speed connectivity, Bryan-College Station just became your best option in Texas.”