Clarksville, TN

Mayor Kim McMillan


On Clarksville

“CDE Lightband’s broadband services and their 1 Gigabit Internet offering is very important to the economic development plans for our community. We are excited to be positioned as one of the fastest growing cities in the nation and feel that by offering gigabit services in our city we will only continue to grow and develop as one of the more progressive communities in the country.”

On Next Century Cities

“Clarksville’s participation in the Next Century Cities initiative is built on our commitment to maximize the benefits of our fiber network and our gigabit Internet services to the betterment of our community and our citizens. The collaborative nature of the group and the opportunity to work with communities with similar infrastructure is important to us and to the goals we have set for our community.”

What Clarksville is working on

CDE Lightband began construction of their active Ethernet, fiber to the premise network in 2007, with the primary goal of providing more reliable and economical delivery of electric services. As the network grew and the potential of the fiber infrastructure was realized, CDE Lightband entered into the delivery of digital IP television, Internet and voice over IP phone services. Since its launch in 2008 the broadband services provided to the citizens of Clarksville has grown to offer a minimum speed of 50 Mbps up to 1 Gigabit for both residential and commercial services. The services are being used by the local university, Austin Peay State University, private schools, hospitals and medical offices and various types of businesses from banking and finance to real estate and development. CDE Lightband’s broadband services are now being utilized by 18,0000 residential and commercial customers and continues to enjoy rapid growth on an annual basis.