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Chesterton, IN

Town Manager Bernard “Bernie” Doyle

“As electricity was essential to positive growth at the beginning of the 20th century, broadband with high speed internet is now essential to quality of place for the rapidly changing 21st century for business, schools and residents. Chesterton will not wait for broadband to come to us as we are presently engaged in recruiting selective hi-tech industry to the area and need to be ready ahead of time in order to be competitive in the Chicago market.”


“It is relevant to belong to Next Century Cities with its extensive outreach of resources to better enable communities such as ours to make the transition to being a broadband community as smooth as possible.”


Chesterton is at present engaged in the second phase of a three phase project leading to a complete broadband network throughout our municipality. Phase one is planning, phase two is selection of the firm to install the fiber and phase three will be the selection of the company to manage the network.