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Chattanooga, TN

Mayor Andy Berke

“The Gig infrastructure changed the way we see ourselves in Chattanooga, it changed the idea of what our city could be. Mid-sized Southern cities in the U.S. are not generally thought of as being ahead of the technological curve. The Gig changed that. We are now ahead of the curve, with other cities looking to us as a leader in the Innovation Century.”

“Right now, there is an excitement over what cities can accomplish and Next Century Cities can help take that excitement to the next level. From building Innovation Districts and the resurgence of entrepreneurship to supporting growth through infrastructure, the environment, and economic development, cities are developing and implementing innovative solutions that make life better for communities across the county.”

Chattanooga, Tennessee, is home to the fastest, most pervasive and least expensive Gigabit service in the Western Hemisphere. Owned and operated by our municipal electric power distributor, EPB, the system includes over 8,000 miles of fiber optics. With our Gigabit infrastructure as well as a focus on startups and the creation of an Innovation District, Chattanooga is fast becoming a leader in innovation and technology.