Centerville, UT

Mayor Paul Cutler


On Centerville

“High quality fiber infrastructure, and a choice of providers improve the quality of life for our residents and businesses.  We have seen a number of high quality business move to our community to take advantage of the fiber.  Competition has improved pricing and customer services for everyone—both on and off the community network.”

On Next Century Cities

“Next Century Cities has brought together Cities that have the same understanding and vision of the future needs of our communities.  That future is true high speed telecommunications.  Next Century Cities demonstrates that there a growing number of Cities that have grasped on to the future of the economic vitality and livability of our cities, and that telecommunications is as necessary of a utility as electricity in the last century.  Together we can have a greater voice in its future of our and other sister cities to provide this needed infrastructure.  We have learned from our success and failures and want to help other communities the best we can to deploy telecommunications to their communities.  Next Century is a great resource to all cities that are on the forefront of sustaining there city.”

What Centerville is working on

Centerville City Utah has a population of 16,250 and is located approximately 15 mile north of Salt Lake City.  Centerville is a founding a member of the Utah Telecommunications Open Telecommunications Infrastructure Agency, known as UTOPIA.  UTOPIA was created in 2004 by 16 Utah cities to build an open fiber to the premise network.  The founding cities had the foresight of the need of advance telecommunications for business and residence.  Fiber was the future proof technology that would be essential for business and quality of life.  UTOPIA began providing service to Centerville in 2011, with a gig capable all fiber network available to more than 95% of the Cities residents and businesses.  The network provides the infrastructure and but does not provide service direct to customers.  The network currently has 9 service providers for customers to choose from. Currently there are more than 1,200 residential and business connections in the City.   The residential take rate is nearly 30%.  The City has connected all of its public facilities with a gig capable network. The City provides free Wi-Fi at its public buildings and parks.