Centennial, CO

Mayor Cathy Noon

What Centennial is working on

The City of Centennial’s fiber optic infrastructure began in 2008 as a Public Works effort to improve connectivity between City assets, including traffic signals and other public facilities.

This was also an effort to improve traffic flow and reduce traffic congestion within City limits and throughout its major arterials that service neighboring communities.

To date, the City has installed more than 60 miles of infrastructure (conduit, dark and lit fiber) suitable for broadband deployment while spending less than $600,000. Our “dig once” policy and the value of the infrastructure continues to expand daily and is conservatively valued at more than $6 million. The network’s traffic signalization capacities take priority over secondary uses such as telecommunications and other types of data transmission.

Colorado is one of the States that has laws in effect to prohibit municipalities (SB-05-152) from offering or partnering with the private sector and as such we were required to do a ballot referendum last November 5, 2013. Centennial citizens passed Ballot Question 2G with an overwhelming vote of over 76% approval. This exemption now allows the City to begin exploring opportunities associated with indirect, competitive and non-exclusive service provision models to support the transmission of high-speed internet, advanced telecommunications and other services to residents and businesses by private companies providing such services.

The City is now studying a variety of potential models for deploying broadband throughout the community and is expected to bring the results forward for public comment and possible implementation as early as 2015.