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Centennial, CO

Mayor Stephanie Piko

“Municipal broadband is 21st century infrastructure and is vital for economic development. Centennial’s fiber initiative will enhance opportunities for current and future businesses and will improve technological efficiency and sustainability throughout the City.”

“As a member of Next Century Cities, the City of Centennial has the opportunity to collaborate with other cities and learn valuable insights from those that have implemented or are working towards similar initiatives. The ability to work with other cities to prepare for the future as new technology is available is very worthwhile for Centennial.”

In 2013, the City of Centennial voters overwhelmingly supported the City’s intention to build a fiber network that would allow the City to indirectly provide broadband services to its citizens, businesses and community anchor institutions.

In 2016, City Council allocated $5.7 million to implement the City’s Fiber Master Plan and build a 432- fiber strand backbone through the City. The following year, Council created a five-person Fiber Commission to oversee and provide policy direction for Centennial FiberWorks, the program to implement the City’s Fiber Master Plan. The Fiber Commission is comprised of Council Members Ken Lucas and Mike Sutherland; Mayor Stephanie Piko; and two voting citizen members, Jim Duncan and Ray Wendell.

In late 2016, the implementation of the first phase of the City’s $5.7 million Fiber Master Plan began. This initial phase, known as the Central Backbone, included the installation of conduit and fiber through the central business district of the City and was completed in early 2018.

With the completion of the central fiber ring in early 2018, the City executed two dark fiber lease agreements: the first with Ting Fiber and the other with the Cherry Creek School District.

The approximately 50-mile fiber backbone is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2018 and will connect and complete the City’s underground infrastructure, connecting to key City sites and other community anchor institutions. Centennial’s backbone will also enable both existing and new broadband providers the ability to execute dark fiber leases with the City to deliver superior and more competitive choices and services for consumers. For more information about the City’s FiberWorks program, visit centennialco.gov/fiber.