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Canton, OH

Mayor Thomas M. Bernabei

“Internet connectivity is a critical resource for economic development. The City of Canton recognizes the importance of technology-driven business, and seeks to develop infrastructure with new transformative technologies that will offer opportunity and rewarding careers for new and prospective residents. I am excited to be a part of Next Century Cities and connect our businesses and residents with quality broadband services!”

“My administration is committed to providing broadband capabilities to new businesses and residents. Next Century Cities is a vital partner to in this development. I look forward to working with Next Century Cities to make city-wide broadband access a possibility for our community!”


Our current broadband initiatives involve a collaborative effort between the City, County, and State as an option to lower existing costs associated with our current commercial broadband provider.  This effort involves identifying and utilizing existing City and County owned fiber to connect our existing locations to OARnet.  Once connected we believe we can significantly lower our current broadband spend and provide additional opportunities related to offsite storage and disaster recovery.

Links to media coverage: Canton Council Voices Support for Broadband Utility (May 23, 2016), Stark County Broadband Team Hires Consultant (May 23, 2016) Editorial: Time Is Right for Broadband (May 3, 2015)