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Breckenridge, CO

Mayor Eric Mamula

Breckenridge is always looking for the most innovative and forward thinking ways to plan for the infrastructure of the future. We did that with our water rights, with land banking, and, now, with fiber. We believe that fiber infrastructure will give us the tools we need to control our own destiny when it comes to technological developments and preparing Breckenridge for anything that comes our way.

We believe that being a partner with Next Century Cities will provide us with tools, resources, and best practices for our fiber infrastructure. The Town of Breckenridge believes in collaboration and Next Century Cities gives us that opportunity as we look towards other cities and towns that have incorporated fiber and smart city applications.

The Town of Breckenridge staff and Council are committed to creating an environment that provides state of the art and dynamic, fiber-based, broadband infrastructure for both home and business use across the town.

The Town believes that high speed, reliable, fiber-based broadband access at competitive rates is critical to the Town’s continued success as both a year-round resort and a great place to both live and work. Fiber has become the infrastructure of the 21st Century and its availability in Breckenridge and other mountain towns is limited. The Town feels strongly that investing in fiber and its associated conduit infrastructure, with direct ownership and control, will provide significant value for the residents and businesses of Breckenridge over the long-term. The Town’s new infrastructure investment will not only form the basis of a vastly improved Internet experience, but will also be at the core of driving new efficiencies for the municipal and utility operations of the Town. The potential use cases of this Town owned fiber and conduit infrastructure are many and varied, and the Town will seek to engage with private sector partners to realize many of these benefits over the long-term.

The Town’s first objective is to build new fiber and conduit infrastructure town-wide pushing this as close to as many key sites, neighborhoods, homes, and businesses as possible. In order to make this objective a reality, the Town commissioned Foresite Group, Inc., a multi-disciplinary engineering and consulting firm, to perform a full engineering market assessment to determine an accurate cost to implement such a project and consider various revenue models. The Town has decided to move forward with the creation of a Town-wide, Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) network, with final fiber drops delivered by the Town once a service is confirmed. This fiber network will be designed to support competition but the Town also recognizes the limitations of its market size. The Town plans to begin construction of the new infrastructure by mid-2019 and believes that the first premises could be connected with Town-owned fiber and served before the end of 2019.