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Arvada, CO

Mayor Marc Williams

“Broadband is quickly becoming essential for both Arvada businesses and residents–on par with water, wastewater, power, and other municipal services. The strategic goals adopted by the Arvada City Council cannot be achieved without including broadband as part of the equation.”

“We believe in the principles upon which Next Century Cities is founded. By collaborating with other cities, we can learn about and share diverse strategies to improve the broadband availability for our community.”

The City of Arvada has recently embarked on a new way of doing business by adopting city-wide strategic planning and performance measurements. The goal of this new system, called FOCUS, is to continue to achieve and maintain service excellence by building a data-driven, results-oriented, customer-focused organization. Of our critical strategic goals, a number of them are around providing adequate broadband connectivity in our city. The following initiatives are included in the City’s strategic plan:

  • By 2015, 90% of street reconstruction and new street construction projects located on the City Conduit Map will include conduits for fiber optics and dry utilities.
  • By 2019, 97% of the geographic area of the City will have wired or mobile high speed network connectivity for City employees who provide City services.
  • By 2019, 90% urban centers and corridors have high speed internet connectivity available to residents, businesses and visitors