Alexandria, VA

Mayor Justin Wilson


On Alexandria

“As a vibrant, innovative community, the City of Alexandria understands the importance of high speed fiber for residential and commercial users. High-speed broadband is crucial for attracting and keeping business. It is a valuable asset for business development, a critical step toward improving our residents’ broadband experience, and a necessary tool for providing quality public education.”

On Next Century Cities

“Next Century Cities provides a forum and expertise that are incredibly helpful to communities that are committed to gigabit Internet. The City values the opportunity to share best practices and successful examples of progress toward a gigabit community. As a community dedicated to job creation, business development, and educational improvement, the City appreciates the leadership role of Next Century Cities in the area of gigabit-level Internet.”

What Alexandria is working on

As a top 10 Digital City, the City of Alexandria continues to work on the initiative of providing gigabit level Internet service to businesses, residences, and schools. The City recently issued a Request for Information from the private and nonprofit sectors for provision of gigabit service to the City. In the coming months, the City will be evaluating options and a path forward in exploring the possibility of a public private partnership for gigabit Internet. The City’s leadership recognizes the importance of high-speed Internet as a catalyst for shared prosperity.