Why Ammon, Idaho Is a Model for Improving Broadband Access


Ammon, Idaho’s municipal fiber network has drawn national attention for its unique build-out and operation. Next Century Cities is excited to join with the Institute of Local Self Reliance (ILSR) to release a new video profile about Ammon’s cutting-edge network and their award-winning application using that high-speed network to save lives.


There is a lot to admire about Ammon’s high-speed fiber network. Ammon’s strategic build-out has allowed the city to construct their city-owned network without raising taxes or operating the network at a loss, all while dramatically improving access for community assets, businesses, and residents.

In this new video, we hear from Ammon’s mayor, local residents, private businesses, and the city’s technology director about why this small, self-described “conservative” community decided to build its own network and then resell the excess capacity to the entire community.

This next-generation connectivity from the network has bolstered Ammon’s local economy and has allowed for innovations for social good. For example, Ammon’s “School Emergency Screencast Application,” which can help first responders in case of a school shooting, received first place in a high-speed app contest held by the National Institute of Justice.

Ammon also prides itself on increasing competition through their open access model. This means that while Ammon owns and maintains the fiber infrastructure, multiple outside providers can use the network to offer services to consumers. Since fiber build-outs can be costly, Ammon has attracted several small service providers that would otherwise be unable to enter their market, thereby increasing options for their citizens.

Watch this Next Century Cities and ILSR’s video profile to learn more on the origins of Ammon’s network, how it functions, and other lessons that are applicable for communities across the country.

We encourage you to check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSQVvFY4lPI and you can dig more into Ammon’s model with additional ILSR coverage.

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