We are pleased to announce the release of our “Emerging Issues Policy Agenda,” which explores policy areas where Next Century Cities member communities are leading the way in expanding affordable broadband access to all.


This new policy agenda offers recommendations for policymakers at all levels of government to tackle some of the latest issues surrounding broadband access, including local municipal authority, competition in multiple dwelling units, high-quality access for low-income households, small cell deployment, and one-touch-make-ready policies. It also suggests principles for including broadband infrastructure in legislative planning and funding.


The over 160 mayors and city leaders who make up Next Century Cities have been the driver is developing widespread agreement across the country that broadband internet access is essential infrastructure, like electricity or water, and is necessity for all communities. Every day, we hear from communities across the nation that are working to achieve universal affordable, high-quality internet access and facing emerging challenges with innovative solutions. This 2017 Policy Agenda looks at some of the latest innovations and, unfortunately, the continuing barriers to bringing fast, affordable, reliable internet access to more Americans.


This Emerging Issues Policy Agenda builds off our initial “Policy Agenda for Broadband Stakeholders,” released in 2015, that offered baseline policy recommendations for how stakeholders at the federal, state, and local level, as well as those in civil society can improve local internet access. We are excited to add this Emerging Issues Policy Agenda to our collection of resources for Next Century Cities members and everyone interested in bringing next-generation broadband to all. Find all of Next Century Cities’ informational resources at https://nextcenturycities.org/resources/.