The Federal Communications Commission is constantly working to make spectrum available for 5G services. To this end, on February 24th, it released a draft Report and Order to be considered at the agency’s March open meeting that would establish the licensing rules and timeline for a proposed spectrum auction in the 3.45 GHz – 3.55 GHz band. 

On March 3rd, Next Century Cities joined a letter asking Congress to encourage the FCC to consider a set of licensing procedures that would increase competition, lower costs for prospective bidders, and ensure that 5G connectivity continues to be made available to those who could benefit the most from it. The letter also urges Congress to ask the Commission to delay the auction from October until December 2021 to give industry and policymakers additional time to address important issues that surround making more 5G spectrum available. 

Making more spectrum available and including a wide variety of providers in the bidding process will help ensure that 5G technologies reach as many American’s as possible at an affordable price.

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