Next Century Cities Hosts Smart Cities Panel at INCOMPAS Show in Dallas

Next Century Cities hosted a panel today on Building the Cities of the Future at the 2016 INCOMPAS Show in Dallas, Texas. Deputy Director Todd O’Boyle moderated the Smart Cities panel, which brought together city leaders and an innovative vendor to discuss the policies and steps needed to build the tech-ready communities of the future.                                                                                                                                                                                  


“The over 150 mayors and city leaders who are members of Next Century Cities work everyday to bring innovation to their communities and to connect more of the residents to next-generation broadband,” remarked Next Century Cities Deputy Director Todd O’Boyle. “Our Smart Cities panel at the 2016 INCOMPAS Show offered both a local leader and innovative vendor perspective on how to work together to move communities forward.”

The session was center stage, and included expert panelists Councilman Ron Nirenberg of San Antonio, TX, Mayor Wade Troxell of Ft. Collins, CO, and Vice President of Innovation Jory Wolf of Magellan Advisors, who formerly worked as the CIO for Next Century Cities member Santa Monica, CA. The panelists discussed the value of relationships between city leaders and vendors, as well as the ways in which local ordinances can move cities forward as they connect more citizens to high-quality broadband. They also shared innovative ideas for how to leverage connectivity for innovative community development uses, including education, medical, and civic applications.

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