Executive Director Deb Socia joined Mayor Nancy McFarlane of Raleigh, NC, Mayor Steve Adler of Austin, TX, and President of CTC Energy & Technology, Joanne Hovis on a panel at the USCM Winter Meeting titled “Getting to Superfast Internet – A Playbook for Cities.” The panelists discussed how cities can attract investment in next-generation Internet infrastructure, successful models for public-private partnerships, and how new technologies could soon transform the ways Americans get online.

USCM Panel

“City leaders must have the ability to explore all options when determining how to bring high-speed, reliable broadband to their communities ” Deb Socia said. “Next Century Cities is in a unique position to help educate cities on existing models, encourage city-to-city learning, and provide information on federal and state legislation that will impact broadband deployment.”


Learn more about the conference and watch clips here: http://usmayors.org/85thWinterMeeting/