Next Century Cities submitted comments to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) supporting Commissioner Mignon Clyburn’s #Solutions2020 Call to Action Plan. In particular, Next Century Cities cited our support for the plan’s call to ensure affordable access to next-generation networks and give local governments a strong role in forming a national broadband policy.

Read the full comments here.

The #Solutions2020 Call to Action Plan was created after academics, practitioners, and other thought leaders pitched solutions for some of today’s toughest connectivity problems at the #Solutions2020 Policy Forum in Washington D.C. last fall. These ideas, and other submitted pitches from the public, were collected and utilized to draft the #Solutions2020 Call to Action Plan. Commissioner Clyburn hopes that, if acted upon in a timely manner, the plan could play a major role in increasing the delivery of robust, affordable connectivity within the next four years.

Next Century Cities chose to submit comments on behalf of the over 160 mayors and city leaders we represent, because many components of the #Solutions2020 Plan set a good framework for improving internet access for Americans in the future and giving local leaders and communities a key role in broadband decisions. We look forward to partnering with Commissioner Clyburn, the entire new FCC, and other broadband champions in the local and federal government to realize the goals of #Solutions2020 that will help increase access to fast, affordable, reliable broadband.