Next Century Cities and the Broadband Bunch


By Francella Ochillo | The Broadband Bunch is a podcast that centers its topics on how broadband impacts society. A few minutes into the conversation with Craig Corbin, the host, the interview also feels like catching up on the latest tech and telecom developments with an old friend.  

On May 21, 2020, I was invited to contribute to a platform designed for thought leaders, pioneers, and policy makers to socialize their best ideas. For Next Century Cities, it was an opportunity to share why we need to involve local voices in developing widespread connectivity solutions. I explained why closing the digital divide will require new ideas and community partnerships. Among other topics, we discussed redefining digital literacy and urging every stakeholder to identify what financial and non-financial resources each could invest in working towards universal broadband access.

Next Century Cities is devoted to elevating the importance of local perspectives and, importantly, giving local officials a voice at all three levels of government. Our members are united in a commitment to provide high-speed connectivity for every resident. Working together, public, private, and individual stakeholders, we can achieve this goal.

Listen to the podcast here.

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