NCC Mayors Advocate For Local Choice in Denver Post Op-Ed

In the Denver Post today, Colorado mayors Karen Sheek of Cortez, David Romero of Montrose, and Dennis Coombs of Longmont wrote an opinion piece about the opportunities that many more communities in the state now have to drive forward next-generation broadband after they voted in November to overturn a restrictive state law. The mayors, all part of Next Century Cities, also advocated for the Colorado state legislature to repeal the outdated state legislation and give all Colorado communities local control over their broadband decisions.

As the mayors and co-signer Tom Roiniotis, General Manager of Longmont Power and Communications, wrote: “Last year, voters in nearly 50 communities across Colorado faced a simple question: Should local residents shape the future of broadband access for their schools, businesses and homes? In every one of these communities, the people answered with a resounding ‘yes’ … Voters have recognized an important 21st century reality: high-quality Internet access is just as essential to thriving communities now as electricity was to thriving communities 100 years ago.”

Check out the opinion piece in the Denver Post here.

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